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Kim Kardashian Aspires For Bollywood?

Bollywood News Oct 10, 2011 No comments
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Kim Kardashian Dreams for Bollywood

Kim Kardashian Dreams for Bollywood

This October Kim Kardashian is starting on a journey that will fetch her to first Dubai and later to Abu Dhabi. She has recently expressed her wish to act in Bollywood films, in Bollywoos typical style. The actress is also excited about her trip ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’.

She has reigned the reality television like a queen and is now desirous of making it big on silver screen. But hold on, the lady is not talking of Hollywood, but our own beloved Bollywood. In her latest interview with Gulf News she said, “I would love to be in a Bollywood movie. Every time I see a Bollywood film it seems so glamorous. My brother actually went to India once and came back with all this amazing jewelry and so many stories. I would love to go there.”

So is it the Indian ethnic jewelry that Kim is dreaming of Bollywood and India? She is so much interested in Indian jewelry that she has planned to enter the realm of Bollywood. Kim has one popular across the globe and everyone is talking about it. And why not, after all she has her own fashion line and her brand is a multinational venture.

Coming back to her Middle East trip, Kim and her mother Kris Jenner will easily make money finding a way for it, if there is money to be made. Her decision of entering into Bollywood may be career driven or it may be for exquisite jewelry.


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