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Last Minute Pull Out For Mausam From Toronto Film Festival

Bollywood News Sep 25, 2011 No comments
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Mausam was all set to make a premiere at the Toronto Film Festival where it had been listed as one of the films to be screened during the festival. Sadly for veteran actor turned newly director, Pankaj Kapur, the film was pulled out at the last minute as it was discovered that the film had not obtained its necessary clearance in India. Without the approvals, the film could not be screened at Toronto.

“It so happens that the film could not get the consents of the Indian Air Force and the Board of Film Certification in India in time for it to make it to the Toronto Film Festival,” said Shefali Talwar, the producer of the film.

Since Eros International Media Limited had agreed to the Indian Air Force giving their final approval to Mausam for having used their image acceptably, before the film got certified by the Indian Censor Board, it became mandatory for the film crew to get this acceptance. However the whole process got delayed.

Shahid Kapur, also the director’s son, is playing the role of an Indian Air Force pilot, hailing from Punjab who falls in love with a girl (Sonam Kapoor) from Kashmir. However, the clash of two great religions keeps them apart. Their love is met with opposition as he comes from a Hindu family and she is a Muslim.

Mausam would have had a great start had it been screened as scheduled on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday at the Toronto Film Festival followed by a press conference. Unfortunately for the team this world premiere was not to happen, as a last minute cancellation shattered all possibilities.


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