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Mere Brother Ki Dulhan faces competition at box office

Bollywood News Sep 12, 2011 No comments
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Mere Brother Ki Dulhan

Mere Brother Ki Dulhan

While Bodyguard has made records of sorts at the box office, Mere Brother Ki Dulhan enjoys rave reviews and appreciation.

May be this is not the right time to release the films or may be ‘Bodyguard’ is far more entertaining that the recent releases or upcoming ones. But one thing is evident from the box office reports of ‘Mere Brother Ki Dulhan’, Salman is still ruling the theaters. His recent hit ‘Bodyguard’ has broken all records and is still on.

Hopefully the film would have done better had the release been postponed after viewing the box office collections of Bodyguard. People opine that there is no comparison between these two films and Imran and Salman as well.

Though Katrina makes a good pair with Imran, the film is also refreshing, the songs are foot tapping, the plot of Mere Brother Ki Dulhan is interesting, but even factors these couldn’t help the film to do exceptionally well at box office as Bodyguard did and is still doing. Audience still prefers to watch Bodyguard which rather fresh- just a week has passed since its launch- the competition is going to be one sided.

The box office collection of Bodyguard is more than 110 crores industry experts say that it is going to smash all the previous box office records in the days to come.

Talking of story of Mere Brother Ki Dulhan, it is about a very confused guy Imran Khan who is awestruck by the girl who is going to be his brother’s bride or bhabi. Though the brother too hasn’t actually met the girl for any considerable time and just chatted on net for a few minute, Imran knew the girl for quite some time.

Imran, Katrina and Ali Zafar are impressive in the film. Nonetheless, let’s see if the film will be able to impress the audience when a film like Bodyguard is going strong at the box office.

In such times, the upcoming release of Shahid and Sonam ‘Mausam’ is also expected to suffer due to Bodyguard’s success. Let us keep our fingers crossed and wait and watch.


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