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Peepli Live Out Of The Oscars Race – Director Is Glad Rather Than Upset

Bollywood News Feb 6, 2011 No comments
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Peepli Live

Peepli Live

Peepli Live, the official entry for India, is out of the Oscars race. The co-director of the movie, Mahmood Farooqui is quite cheerful about this fact. He is not at all unhappy that his movie after being nominated for this prestigious award has been ousted out by movies from other countries. According to a source, he and his wife, Anusha Rizvi are happy about this fact as they can now relax. The pressure and expectation that arises when a movie is in the Oscar race is tremendous.

Further, Mahmood feels that his film was made for the Indians and local audience. He is happy and satisfied with the enormous appreciation that he got from them. Not only this, according to him, the amount of praise the movie got from film critics, academicians and authors is enough for him and it is not such a serious issue to get out of the Oscars.

When Mahmood was asked whether he would now like to make a masala film after his success at making Peepli Live, Mahmood said that he would love to make a movie like Dabangg. However, Mahmood was not ready to reveal what his next project would be.

Moreover, when Mahmood was asked about his life after Peepli, he answered by saying that life is normal. He also talked enthusiastically about Delhi and said that they live a protected life here. They have their own space and manage to lead a normal life away from the pressure and exposure of the Mumbai film fraternity.

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