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Producer Diya Mirza Stars In Her Own Film

Bollywood News Jun 6, 2011 No comments
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Recently the Bollywood has seen an inception of a new production house ‘Bornfree’. This production house is started by former Miss Asia Pacific Diya Mirza along with Zayed Khan. They have also made Sahil Sangha their partner and the threesome have started this banner named ‘Bornfree’.

Diya Mirza

Diya Mirza

This production house is busy these days shooting for their maiden venture which they have named ‘Love, Breakups, Zindagi’. This film is a romantic comedy directed by Sahil Sangha which is slated to release in August. Starring Diya Mirza and Zayed Khan, the film also features Cyrus Sahukar, Tisca Chopra, Satyadeep Misra, Pallavi, Vaibhav Talwar and newcomer Auritra Ghosh and Umang in lead roles.

So is Diya Mirza enjoying her new job? “Of course, I am enjoying it. I’ve been asked what am I doing to lose weight, I said, I turned producer. With Sahil, Zayed and me, our day after pack up didn’t end. It’s been long hours, but it is just such an overwhelming experience to see what you thought to do,” she said.

“I didn’t have any clue that it will be so enormous a task. I think you have an inclination, but you don’t realize how much you have to put into it to make it happen everyday. I think you really need to love it passionately to give it all of yourself,” she added.

Besides production is there anything else in her mind as a future plan? “Direction is something I have always consciously thought about even when I was acting. I think it was my level of interest in the technicalities of making a film and how it all comes together. Soon I will direct a film,” she revealed. This lady seems to thought of future much in advance. She is keen on donning director’s hat after production now. Hmm… Diya Mirza smart move!

Worth mentioning here is one interesting event that happened on the sets of ‘Love, Breakups, Zindagi’. Diya Mirza got so much involved in the making process of the film that she actually carried much stuff from her home to the sets.

“I swept floors. I brought half of the things from my own house. For me, producing a film was not just about bringing in funds, making schedules and dealing with numbers, it was about realizing the imagery that we all had in our mind. There is a certain level of involvement that I feel a producer needs to have to give the film that push it needs,” Diya reported to a daily tabloid.

The 29 year old further said, “Zayed scolded me once on the sets. I was behaving as if guests have come to my house. So I was taking care of smallest of things myself. Zayed was like you are an actor also, so you just need to calm down and relax and take a seat when your shot is over.”


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