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Raja Chaudhary Is Again In The News For His Bad Behaviour

Bollywood News Feb 6, 2011 No comments
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Raja Chaudhary

Raja Chaudhary

Raja Chaudhary, a Bhojpuri film actor and producer is known for his violent behaviour.

Not only has he been accused of beating his ex-wife Shweta Tiwari when they were married, he has also been accused of assaulting his girl friend. His drunken brawling and violent nature was one of the reasons why Shweta separated from him.

Shweta is the winner of the fourth season of the popular reality show Bigg Boss and has been in the news quite a lot. Raja himself was a participant in the season second of Bigg Boss. Throughout, his stay at the house of Bigg Boss, Raja showed his true colors. Though, Raja finished second best, throughout the reality show, he was both abusive and showed his temper, tantrums and vulgar behaviour.

Hot Shweta Tiwari

Hot Shweta Tiwari

It has been reported by sources that Raja barged into the residence of Shweta, demanding to meet his daughter Palak late night on 25 Jan. However, when Shweta refused to allow him to meet his daughter he was furious. Shweta and Raja had an argument and when Shweta’s boyfriend Abhinav Kohli tried to interfere, Raja attacked and slapped him. Raja was also infuriated with the fact that Abhinav has been staying at Shweta’s place to look after Shweta and her family. Shweta has registered a case at the Malad police station. This is not the first complaint lodged by her against Raja.

According to Senior Inspector R Prabhu, Raja has been booked for assaulting, trespassing and abusing Shweta and her boyfriend. He has said that we will take Raja into custody for questioning as soon as we can get hold of him. However, at the moment Raja is absconding. He has also confirmed that Shweta has asked for police protection as Raja had assaulted her family in October also when she was a participant of Bigg Boss.


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