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Ranbir and Priyanka’s kiss upsets Shahid

Bollywood News Sep 23, 2010 No comments
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Priyanka Chopra

Hot Bollywood Babe Priyanka Chopra

The real life (not so Anjaana) of Priyanaka will perhaps not see her upcoming film Anjaana Anjaani. This romantic comedy of the fresh Jodi has two kissing scenes which, of course, Shahid, the real life beau of Priynaka, cannot dare to see. As a possessive lover Shahid canot bear to see priyanks locking lips with some other man, even if it is for a film.

The duo hasn’t ever made the romance official in media’s presence, but the sparks between them are not hidden from anyone. They are obviously more than ‘Just good friends’.

They both have been spotted together for several times. Very recently they both were watching Salman Khan’s latest super hit ‘Dabangg’ together in a suburban multiplex in Mumbai.

Reports say that when Shahid heard about Priyanka’s passionate liplocking scenes in Anjaana Anjaani he appeared quite uncomfortable.

These kissing scenes were not originally included in the script, but the director Siddhartha Anand felt the need on the spur of the moment and added these scenes on the spot while the crew was shooting for the film in the U.S. But Shaid baby, you can relax for at least a week now as the release of the film has been postponed from 24th of September to 1st of October.

Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra

The fear of riots after the verdict of high court on the Ayodhya Case has compelled the makers of the film to postpone the release.

Sajid Nadidwala, the producer of the film was quoted saying, “The Ayodhya issue is much bigger and needs its respect. The film is a happy one and so we decided to release it on a more peaceful day, a week later.”

Now this is a wise decision. Previously the male lead of the film Ranbir was apprehensive for the release of the film on 24th September and shared his apprehension with the makers of the film. Considering the gravity of the matter, the crew of the movie thought it would be wise to postpone the release. And as the security will goof up due to the verdict on Ayodhya Case, people might not hit the theaters to watch ‘Anjaana Anjaani’ on 24th September. This expected reluctance of audience found the basis for postponing the release of the film.

Postponing of the film might have come as a relief for Shahid, of course, who will not see Priyanka kissing Ranbir passionately on screen for at least a week more. Well Shahid now you must accept that this all is a part and parcel of the industry. Kissing, love making, romantic scenes are all needed to make a romantic movie. And when you and your beloved come from the same industry you both know the in and outs of the film fraternity. Don’t you?


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