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Real Love Making scene for Reel love in Ragni MMS!

Bollywood News May 18, 2011 No comments
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Shocking but true! Gossip market is warm with rumors of Raj Kumar Yadav’s real endeavors for love making scenes look real with his co-star Kainaz Motivala. Again in the name of script’s demand, realism is been served as nudity on big screen. Ekta Kapoor’s Ragni MMS may or may not be big hit at box office. But the film has tried to grab the eye balls of many by this news.

Real Love Making scene for Reel love in Ragni MMS!

Real Love Making scene for Reel love in Ragni MMS! - Kainaz Motivala

Raj Kumar Yadav has earlier worked in ‘Love Sex aur Dhokha’ where he was directed by Dibaker Banerjee. In this movie also he had to do a scene where he had t get intimate his girlfriend and that love making session was to be captured by a hidden cameras. In Ragni MMS also he takes his girlfriend to a lonely house over a weekend and tries to make a MMS of the girl.

When contacted the leading man of the film, Raj, about this episode, he said, “How far have we gone in the love-making scene? That I can’t tell you. But I’ll say this. We haven’t made a porn film. I don’t know if the love-making in Ragini MMS has gone further than any other Hindi film. Adding further, he said, “But yeah, the film gives you a feeling of peeping into a couple’s bedroom. There are some intimate scenes. They’re very much a part of the script and essential to the plot. But our film is not only about these scenes. ”

Insiders from the industry reported that the couple put through intense “intimacy acclimatization” workshops where the pair …well, decided, in the words of the film’s uncouth protagonist, “rock under the frock.”

Raj however tries to make his point clear and says, “They weren’t exactly love-making rehearsals. But Kainaz Motivala and I did a lot of discussions. By the time we started shooting we shared a comfort level. It would’ve certainly been tough doing those scenes if we were strangers. ”

However, Raj tried to bring realism by adopting this method. But has Indian culture changed so much so that it will accept nudity been served on silver screen!


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