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Shahrukh Khan Announced Ra. One Game

Bollywood News Oct 10, 2011 No comments
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Ra.One will see the release on Diwali but the video game of Ra.One will be released for the Sony Playstation. This trend of making games for the sci-fi films is quite common in Hollywood but Bollywood has adopted this technique in recent times. This Hollywood trend is open heartedly accepted in Bollywood.

Announcing the game Shahrukh Khan said, “It has been a dream since childhood to be somehow involved in video-game designing or making them, as all kids dream of. So now, many years down the line, the dream is fulfilled!”

Now the game is scheduled for download availability. India country manager for PlayStation said, “We have always wanted to bring Bollywood IPs on PlayStation platform as the way of connecting to the Indian audience. RA.One has the right mix of action, environment and imagination that is required to make a good PlayStation game, and with Shahrukh Khan’s immense passion and understanding of PlayStation games, we have chanced upon a very unique opportunity for a great game.”

Khan owns the production company Red Chillied Entertainment which has developed this sci- fi film named ‘Ra.One’. Shahrukh has himself written the story of video game and opines that this game can be seen as a prequel to the film.

Extremly elated about it, he tweets, “Sorry to go on and on about the Sony ps3 game, but I am so taken by it. Yippee my own personal video game, though the hair is a little pointy, will put up shots of other actors soon.”

The game of Ra.One would feature the characters of the movie also including Shahrukh as G.One and Arjun Rampal as Ra.One. If reports are to be believed then Kareena’s avatar would be based on Lara Croft. As an addes feature the actors would be lending their voices for the game characters also.

Game players would get to choose their characters as either Ra.One or G.One in which they would be relying on various superpowers to beat the challenges of the game.


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