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Soankshi is playing Kamal Haasan’s wife

Bollywood News Mar 18, 2011 No comments
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Sonakshi and Kamal Haasan

Sonakshi and Kamal Haasan

She made her powerful debut in ‘Dabangg’ with a co-star who was much older to her. She had no inhibitions about it. Now is again doing a movie with a star that is as much as 33 years older to her. He is none other than south sensation Kamal Haasan. Yes! Sonakshi is playing Kamal Haasan’s wife in her next film. When asked about her project where she has to play wife of much senior actor she refused to have any kind of reservations on that part. Rather she told media that it hardly matters what the age of your co-star is who is acting opposite you, once you are in front of the camera.

She is playing wife of Kamal in Tamil-Telugu director Selvaraghavan’s film. When asked if there would not be any issue with her image, she said, “Yes, I’m playing Kamal Haasan’s wife in Selvaraghavan’s film. Why should that be a problem?”



Her indifference to the age factor was further accentuated when she said, “Once you are in front of the camera, your age should not matter. I never felt like a child while working with Salman Khan (who is 45) in ‘Dabangg’ and now with Akshay Kumar in ‘Joker’. I will be respectful but an equal on the sets with Mr. Kamal Haasan.”


We also inquired Sonakshi baby to comment on the originality of the film as this film was reportedly copied from Anthony Hopkins and Julianne Moore routine from ‘Hannibal’. “I don’t where the speculation started from. No, this film is a complete original. When I heard the script, I was blown away. I’d be very stupid to turn it down, just because the hero, a legend in his lifetime, is much older than me. Aren’t we over these trivial matters?” she said.

Rather she tried to draw a similarity between reel and real life by saying, “In real life, age makes no difference in a marriage. On screen too your biological age is of no consequence. I’ve been acknowledged for being different from my female colleagues. Let me enjoy this difference.”

It would have been very difficult for Sonakshi to essay the role of Kamal’s wife? “Naturally. Kamalji is legendary. Acting with him is difficult enough. But to play his wife, I need a lot more guts. But then I’ve a legend at home,” she said while referring to her actor father.

Good luck Sonakshi baby. We hope you do well in this film also as do did in block buster ‘Dabangg’.


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