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Stand-Up Comedian Russell Peters Hates Bollywood

Bollywood News Sep 30, 2011 5 Comments
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Russell Peters

Russell Peters

Russell Peters detests Bollywood films, terms them as crap and has no wish to star in one.

The stand-up comedian from Canada is starring in Akshay Kumar’s recent production “Speedy Singhs”, which is a dubbed version of the Bollywood star’s international production titled “Breakaway”. The film has ice hockey as its theme.

However, Russell Peters believes that Bollywood films are just rubbish and he simply hates the Hindi film industry. The 40-year old stand-up comedian was born to Anglo-Indian parents and has been a stand-up artist since he was 19. He says he has never seen a Bollywood film and has no intention of acting in one either.

“I detest Bollywood. The films produced there are just trash and utter nonsense. This is only my viewpoint, as I’m sure there are millions of people out there who love them. I can’t stand the dancing and singing and the emotional melodrama that is thrown at us. Never in my life have I viewed a Bollywood film nor have I accepted to star in one before and will refuse to do so in the future too. However, I do hope that Indian filmmakers will attempt making some realistic films,” said Peters to PTI.

He also does not have a very good opinion of Bollywood actors either; most of whom he thinks are “just pretty faces”.

“Indian actors are no good. There are only a few handful of them out of the thousands of actors and actresses in the industry, who as good as Anupam Kher. But you can easily count them on your fingers. All the others are only pretty faces.”

Speedy Singhs is Peters first Indian film and also stars Anupam Kher, Vinay Virmani, Hollywood actress Camille Belle and Gurpreet Guggi. He enjoyed doing the movie, where he plays an adorable jerk, who tries to do whatever he can to make life gloomy for Vinay.

“Anupam I think is exceptional and he is quite professional too. Akshay and he I believe have done quite a many films together, although I have no idea how many have been good, but the way they work on the sets shows that they have worked together quite often,” said Peters.

Also he had no idea that Akshay was a big star in Bollywood until he had started working on this project. “He is a cool guy. I only found out how big he was when I met him on the sets. Considering his Bollywood status, I would say he’s quite a humble and nice person.”

The stand-up comedian, who has been known to ridicule Indians in his shows, may not have starred in a Bollywood films before but he sure has been seen in Hollywood films such as “Lord Have Mercy” and “Comedy Now”.

He had accepted this film because it was not a Bollywood film but only had Indian actors starring in it. “I liked the script and the final result has been appealing,” he commented.

At the moment Peters has no intention of working in a Bollywood film, but he definitely is doing some Hollywood movies and will never give up his passion, which is stand-up comedy. “Stand-up comedy is my passion and I’ll never give it up, but I shall do Hollywood movies too. Currently I’m working on films like “Source Code”, “New Year’s Eve” and one more with Eva Mendes,” he added.


5 Responses to “ Stand-Up Comedian Russell Peters Hates Bollywood ”
  1. Bollywood Lover

    “He says he has never seen a Bollywood film and has no intention of acting in one either.”
    He has never seen a Bollywood movie so how does he know that Bollywood films are good or bad. And without watching a Bollywod movie how could he give such an outrageous remarks.

    This guy is a total retard and deserves to be issued a “Bollywood Fatwa”.

    Hang him!!

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  2. Anjana

    Who the f*** is Russell Peters?

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    • LuvKush

      He is an Anglo-Indian. His father was probably a British and mother some unfortunate Indian. That says all ;) What else you could expect from the accidental byproduct of such East-West experiment.

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  3. Kundan

    Never heard of this dude before, what is this guy’s problem? Is he mental or something? Send him Agra or Ranchi.

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    • aleng

      this guy is the most famous fucker of the 21st century u dumbass..y do people simply comment without really knowing what the fuck is going on??

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