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Udita set to head for Hollywood

Bollywood News Mar 12, 2011 No comments
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All the B town hotties will admit that somewhere in the corner of their hearts, they aspire to do Hollywood films. It’s just that some confess it and some don’t. The latest addition to the stock of such stars is Udita Goswami. For long she hasn’t been in Bollywood.

Udita Gosami

Udita Gosami

Udita Goswami made her debut in 2003 by Pooja Bhatt’s film ‘Paap’, has spent recently quite a few months in Los Angeles. Why? If reports are to be believed, then she stayed there for getting things in place for her to find work in Hollywood.

27 years lass claims to be have met many Hollywood biggies including Dannie Boyle, Natalie Portman and Gillian Jacobs. Her rendezvous with these stars have had happened during Oscars Gala and the art of Elysium charity benefit.

Extremely excited about the whole affair Udita says, “My trip was fantastic. I got a great insight into how things work there. In Hollywood people don’t go by whose friend or whose relative you are… its all about talent unlike Bollywood. I wanted to familiarize myself with Hollywood culture to build a strong foundation.” Really baby?

Further telling about her Hollywood dreams she says, “I have hired an international manager Simone Sheffield and had exclusive meetings with Hollywood executives. I have even looked for an apartment and a lawyer there. So my core team is all set. I still have to choose the agency which will manage me there.”

Udita Gosami

Hot Udita Gosami

So what kind of roles is looking forward to? The ones she has done in Bollywood or something different? She promptly replies, “I don’t look Indian so I don’t want to do Indian roles in Hollywood. I want to do exotic roles. I think Vidya Balan or Konkona Sensharma have more traditional faces. But I have to work on my American accent. I am here till August to work on it and then I go back as the casting season begins there.”

Oh baby! You gotta go a long way… Anyways she is currently shooting the last leg of her Bollywood film ‘Diary of a Butterfly’. And after that she would fly off to Hollywood just like one.


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