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Vidya Balan ‘Fat and Atrocious’ Said Shahid Kapoor

Bollywood News Oct 6, 2011 3 Comments
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Shahid Kapoor has started a fresh new controversy by making sarcastic remarks about Vidya Balan and Taran Adarsh. Now people who used to call him a nice guy are re-thinking if he is the same.

Vidya Balan - Fat and Atrocious

Vidya Balan - Fat and Atrocious

Recently the actor started causing storm by reportedly calling Vidya Balan ‘fat and atrocious’ after watching the promos of her upcoming film The Dirty Picture. This is for the second time that the actor has gone commenting acerbically after their break up. Earlier also he had made rude comments against his ex flame.

It is reported that during the making of ‘Kismat Konnection’, Vidya and Shahid fell in love with each other. But insiders reveal that Shahid would consistently compare Vidya Balan to his ex girl friends and comment badly about her weight which left an indelible mark on her self-respect.

Reports also suggest that this comment of Shahid is due to bitterness and jealously. A source says, “It’s a case of sour grapes. He’s having a tough time with his movies flopping and no success in love, whereas Vidya’s career is soaring and her love life’s going strong with Siddharth Kapoor.”

Shahid had been accused of possessive and dominating behavior by many other ladies who came in his life be it Amrita Rao, or Kareena Kapoor or the latest Priyanka Chopra. They all have time and gain complained about Shahid’s odd and intense behavior.

As this was not enough, Shahid has also messed up Taran Adarsh, the trade analyst. Taran had posted a comment on Shahid’s latest release ‘Mausam’ where he mentioned it as a failure ‘to live up to expectations at the box office.’

Frenzied Shahid took no time in counter commenting and shocking everyone by saying “So all those trying so hard to s**** Mausam can go s**** themselves. Waise bhi aaj kal kuchh logon ke adarsh buri tarah gir chuke hain (Some people’s principles have fallen dramatically these days).” This is seen as a direct dig at Taran.

However, Taran was quick to respond “Abusing me won’t help. Instead, get a reality check and introspect shortcomings of the film.”

After ‘Kaminey’ Shahid’s films are not that successful at box office. His luck has run out may be because he is busy mouthing bad things about others instead of concentrating on his career.


3 Responses to “ Vidya Balan ‘Fat and Atrocious’ Said Shahid Kapoor ”
  1. gautam

    they were pair before

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  2. Harishankar

    Hi all! Vidya Balan is very beautiful, humble, polite, intelligent, smart, has a good sense of humour, bold, has perfect body, figure, appeal and gestures than any other actress in this world. She’s unique, awesome and a perfect actress, above all she’s a Very Good Human Being. All The Very Best Vidya Balan. With Love and Affection!

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  3. Chetan

    Vidya, Tun Tun and all fat women out there… We men empathize… Its true, sometimes you cannot help being fat, health problems happen, diets go wrong, or you maybe born fat.. But that does not mean you wear a Sari to hide your fat, claim curves and bore us men, on big screen… Or that you make a fashion statement out of your fat… This can deeply effect coming generations. Now Madhubala, Vyjaantimala were not FAT, please don’t affront the tastes of we men, by comparing these to types of Vidya, the latter’s arms look like those of bodybuilders… these former women were beautiful, voluptuous and with curves… Katrina, Aishwarya, Madhuri, Juhi all these are slender and have curves. Please don’t brag about Fat!

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