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Vishwaroopam Released in Tamilnadu

Bollywood News Feb 10, 2013 No comments
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The screening of the India’s biggest star Kamal Haasan’s Vishwaroopam has been released in Tamil Nadu after so many twists and turns followed by the group of Muslim outfits. The Tamil Nadu government allowing the film for the release of Vishwaroopam on 7th February 2013 after the lot of negotiations and the requests of the Muslim extremist group, some scenes perceiving controversial were muted.


Vishwaroopam finally released in Tamilnadu

Vishwaroopam is one of the spy thriller films, which is written, co-produced and directed by the actor Kamal Haasan. The film is all about the terrorist based in Afghanistan, Al-Qaeda planning to plant nuclear bomb in New York and Kamal Haasan is aware of it by connecting with the terrorist groups. The note ends up by Kamal Haasan stating that the Vishwaroopam continues till the Omar or he is killed with the big part of queries. How are they killed? Who is killed? What role does Kamal Haasan plays? Will the terrorist succeed in their mission? To know all these watch the film in the screening.

The Performance of Kamal Haasan is more effective than any other film. He has done a fabulous acting as a Jihadi trainer, where he is a dance teacher. He brings out various shades in each and every character with an impeccable body language and expressions are massive, where nobody could pull out his role easily. Rahul Bose is the Jihadi leader (Omar), who plays the model role for settling down with Vishwanadh, who is a normal dance teacher in the school. His role is performed as natural and it is believable. Pooja Kumar is Kamal Haasan’s beloved wife. Andrea has done a tom boyish role which is a fabulous one, well Nasser and others too supported as the main part of the movie.

Cinematography brings out the major asset to this Vishwaroopam, This movie is all about the action drama, with some twists and thrills. Overall the technical aspect of the movie is more brilliant and producers must be awarded for spending several crores on this project to make this Vishwaroopam a successful movie and has brought out the same. By watching this movie, we feel as though it is the version dubbed with the Hollywood film, such an amazing film, surely it would rank among one of the top Indian films.

Finally Vishwaroopam concludes with all its merits and doesn’t have any demerits, and audience must watch this excellent film for the brilliance in its technical aspect.


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