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When Sonakshi Sinha fell on the ramp

Bollywood News Sep 30, 2010 2 Comments
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Sonakshi Sinha

Sonakshi Sinha

Walking on the ramp is not a cake walk. And for some people it is definitely the case. When a number of eyeballs stare you are obvious to get conscious of the spectator’s presence and their glare. In such a situation you need to carry yourself and your outfit with perfection. And this all is not a simple thing for everyone.

Sonakshi Sinha fell on the ramp

Sonakshi Sinha fell on the ramp

The Dabangg superstar Sonakshi Sinha had an embarrassing moment while she was walking the ramp for the veteran fashion designer Vikram Phadnis. The newbie slipped down on the ramp while she was trying to manage her walk and her costume. No sooner than the actress came on stage, she has had a disastrous moment.

Sonakshi was donning an extremely lovely dress of golden brown color that was an evening gown. But when she got on the ramp she couldn’t control herself and her step was mistaken resulting in her falling down. She stood up and returned backstage but didn’t complete her walk. She was clad in a Gavin C Miguel outfit.

Zayed was present at the event and was the showstopper for Vikram. Commenting on the incident Zayed Khan said, “It’s really sad that Sonakshi fell. But I love stunts and if I had tripped, I would have made it into a quick action act.”

It might have been a sad day for the lady. Perhaps the girl who made a successful debut by Dabangg will never forget Bangalore even in her wildest of dreams. She was the showstopper for Gavin Miguel fashion show. The designer is best known for the collections of gown. And this is what Sonakshi was supposed to showcase. But the lady failed to do so.

The gown which Sonakshi was wearing was exquisitely embroidered with intricate and delicate motifs on it. But the showstopper Sonakshi instead of stopping the show, gave it a kick start. As soon as she entered the stage, she stumbled and fell down.

The choreographer of the show for Gavin, Alison Woddham, revealed that there were three steps after which Sonakshi had to pull up her gown to climb the stairs down. But the actress failed to pull the gown up and tripped in her own gown. To everyone’s surprise she got back from the stage and even yelled at the organizers of the show for not reminding her of the stairs.

We wonder Sonakshi whose fault was that your or the organizers? Weren’t you supposed to rehearse the act before coming on the stage? A bit of rehearsal would have saved you from the embarrassing moment. Moreover try to take the credit of your failures also if you can take the credit of your success.

Soankshi and the designer both were equally nervous. However, the audience at Bangalore was very supportive and sporty. They started cheering for the lady to boost up her confidence. Sonakshi came back on the stage but this time her smile was a blend of her nervousness also.


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    Pahle walk karna seekh lo jaaneman fir Cat Walk karna.

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    • Kishore Sinha

      LOL!! Bihari

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