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Who will play Mehrunissa?

Bollywood News Jan 14, 2012 No comments
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Chitrangada Singh to be Mehrunissa

Chitrangada Singh to be Mehrunissa

Chitrangada Singh is surely the favorite of Sudhir Mishra when it comes to filmmaking, but for the first time, it seems he won’t be able to cast Ms. Singh in the lead role of Mehrunissa. Now when rumors are rife that Singh might not be the part of the film, the question arises who will be there in the movie in and as ‘Mehrunissa’.

UTV Motion Pictures, the production banner of the movie, is not keen on taking Chitrangada Singh as the protagonist of the film. They are on a hunt for an A-list actress who can do the role. One of the sources earlier even reported that Vidya Balan is considered for the role. And recently the talk of the town is name of Chikni Chameli aka Sheila (okay Katrina Kaif as it is her real name)

The production house plans to approach Katrina Kaif for a narration of script. A close source to the unit clarifies, “UTV and Nikhil Advani are co-producing Mehrunissa. While Nikhil has maintained an unrevealing stance as far as casting goes, UTV are keen on getting Katrina to essay the lead role. Considering thаt thе film іѕ аbουt a girl whο drives a wedge іn thе 50-year ancient friendship between two acquaintances essayed bу Hυgе B аnd Rishi Kapoor, thе manufacture house feels thаt thе youth market саn οnlу bе won over bу аn player lіkе Katrina.”

Interestingly enough neither Amitabh Bachchan nor Rishi Kapoor would be sharing the screen space with the female artist rather it would be some newcomers who would be playing these characters when they were in their prime. They were courting this beautiful and unattainable girl Mehrunissa.

Now it will be interesting to see who essays Mehrunissa on screen for Sudhir!


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