Shahrukh Khan quizzed in Cricket Probe

He might be a heartthrob for many but last weekend Shahrukh Khan spent as many as seven hours answering the questioning at the Mumbai offices of the Directorate of Enforcement, which is part of India’s finance ministry.

Shahrukh Khan quizzed in Cricket Probe

Shahrukh Khan quizzed in Cricket Probe

The Directorate of Enforcement is also responsible for looking into claims of money laundering and infringements of overseas investment laws. He has been quizzed as part of a probe into the team’s finances, reports said Wednesday.

When contacted, the officials present at that time for questioning refused to comment and Shahrukh’s spokesperson was not available for comment.

However, the Indian media quoted that the investigators were speculating and investigating the alleged irregularities in the holding of the 2009 tournament hosted by South Africa because of security reasons in India.

A leading daily, The Indian Express, added that King Khan was asked about his majority shareholding in the club and the franchise deal between Knight Riders Sports Private Limited and the sport’s governing body, the Board for Control of Cricket in India.

This probe has comes post the claims of foreign exchange violations, corporate corruption, tax evasion and money laundering, as well as secret deals to hide teams’ real owners and even links to India’s criminal underworld.

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